Totems and Balance Stones


A totem is a visible representation of a belief system.  Harmony being central to Forest Friend culture, the totems of these Little People begin with a piece of engraved wood that tells a story of plant life and animal life working together to maintain balance in the woodland. The beautiful markings, created by insects, are a daily reminder of life giving way to life, of the eternal cycle of decay and renewal, a natural process worthy of being respected.  The stones at the base of the totems hold the memory of cataclysmic upheavals of the past, and represents the enduring nature of solid beliefs and insights in a rapidly changing world.  The snail symbolizes inner peace and outer strength, a fundamental goal of every belief system.  The clam shell is intended to hold further items of personal significance, and objects associated with special occasions and life-changing events.




A beautiful and meaningful gift on its own, or an addition to a Forest Friend scene ….

In places where Forest Friends live, anyone with clear eyes and open heart may become aware of beautifully and carefully balanced arrangements of stones.  These interesting scuptures are usually an expression of play, and of joy in the creative process.  Sometimes they are the result of a test of strength and focus.  Always they stand as a reminder of the importance of balance.