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Forest Friend (for-ist frend) n. Elfin being of Ontario woodlands, known for environmental consciousness and earth-based spirituality

Since ancient times the Forest Friends have recognized the interdependence of all lifeforms, thus they understand that to live in Harmony with the Earth, with the Others, and within their own community is essential for their survival, balance, and joy of living.  Their nature-based wisdom has important messages for our fast-paced technological age.


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On this World Water Day I am posting my recent Forest Friend diorama which was partially influenced by the events at Standing Rock. The sand and stones all come from a magical lakeshore -- appropriate for this piece. There is symbolism to honour ancient and enduring wisdom. There are elements to reflect the vital fundamental concept that we are all interconnected, all part of one great picture. May we acknowledge and appreciate the water, and join these Little People in.....
When Harmony and Balance are upset, Mother Earth suffers, and when She suffers, so eventually does everything else, beginning with the creatures of the wild – and the Forest Friends. Changes are needed and there is still hope they may happen before it is too late.
The Forest Friend Keepers of the Waters have gathered around the Grandmother drum to send a prayerful message into the world and especially to the “depleters” -- those who take and take and put nothing back. It is a plea for understanding that Mother Earth is not simply a resource, rather the Source of Life itself.
The drummers are surrounded by a circle of stones representing Wisdom Keepers, and by Protectors in the Four Directions. They know there are, among those who call themselves civilized, ones who are not depleters, who resonate with their plea. Ones who recognize Nature as teacher, friend, and provider, not as a thing to be ravaged and enslaved. Ones who, with enough support and with peace and prayerfulness, may have the power and the strength to restore Harmony and Balance. It is the way of the Forest Friends. It needs to be the way of all beings.
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My new wood-burned set of 36 Forest Friend lifestones symbols is completely finished. Show ready! Here it is, from the wrapped up package to the choosing of one symbol and looking up its meaning. I'm so excited about this I am working on a second set. (More on the Forest Friends at forestfriends.ca) ... See MoreSee Less

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