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Forest Friend (for-ist frend) n. Elfin being of Ontario woodlands, known for environmental consciousness and earth-based spirituality

Since ancient times the Forest Friends have recognized the interdependence of all lifeforms, thus they understand that to live in Harmony with the Earth, with the Others, and within their own community is essential for their survival, balance, and joy of living.  Their nature-based wisdom has important messages for our fast-paced technological age.


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Yesterday I posted photos of my beachstone flowers.... There were actually two of us happily absorbed in this creative contentment -- and an unexpected piece of art emerged because we were open to allowing it to happen. My friend Sue, after finishing her first picture, picked up another piece of wood and began laying out her next floral arrangement, but, try as she might, the grain of the wood did not seem to want to cooperate. We experimented together, arranging stones this way and that, to see if something could work, and then finally decided to set the board aside. Sue chose a board with less pronounced grain to continue creating. A few minutes later I heard her exclaim, “There's a woman in that piece! A goddess!” We went back to the “difficult” board, and after discussing various ways of highlighting the goddess grain, we applied several coats of a thin white wash over her, later giving her a subtle outline with a brown wash. The stone we chose for her head was so right, as if Sue had hand-picked it for this very purpose. There is also a tiny heart-shaped stone placed in the middle of her chest. And the single wing? ... which was present in the wood, and already slightly lifted? Hmmm. It immediately called to mind a song by American singer/songwriter Karen Drucker, who is known for her inspiring and uplifting lyrics. “We are all angels who only have one wing....... “ I am in awe at the manner in which this simple, beautiful, and meaningful piece of art unfolded, and all because we were willing to set a board aside and wait rather than imposing our will onto it. I love this approach to creativity! (By the way, I highly recommend checking out Karen Drucker's website.)
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August is drawing to a close. With September comes a serious commitment to preparing for fall shows. In one last "cutting loose" before the busy-ness of the next three months, there was a stone-collecting visit to a beach, and then a few hours of unhurried creative contentment. I had seen this idea elsewhere, and was delighted to try my hand at it.... ... See MoreSee Less

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