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Forest Friend (for-ist frend) n. Elfin being of Ontario woodlands, known for environmental consciousness and earth-based spirituality

Since ancient times the Forest Friends have recognized the interdependence of all lifeforms, thus they understand that to live in Harmony with the Earth, with the Others, and within their own community is essential for their survival, balance, and joy of living.  Their nature-based wisdom has important messages for our fast-paced technological age.


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Winged Forest Friends are popular at this time of year. In my annual harvest of milkweed pods, I reserve those which have grown in pairs to serve as wings for Forest Friends wanting to play at being butterflies. (Yes, they have both a sense of humour and a sense of drama!) We humans see them as angels and that's fine -- which is why I have given some of them gifts to carry: a feather, a fine braid of sweetgrass, and a daffodil pod. These hoops will be available for purchase at the Curling Club Craft and Bake sale in Tweed (Ontario) on Saturday. ... See MoreSee Less

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Those tiny Forest Friend babies I showed yesterday? Here they are, tucked into milkweed pod cradles lined with thimbleweed fluff, and secured into the smallest grapevine hoops I make, small enough to even perhaps be a Christmas tree ornament.... They'll be available at the Craft and Bake sale at the curling club in Tweed (Ontario) on Saturday ... See MoreSee Less

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