To Mend a Broken Web Written & Illustrated by Maia Heissler


To Mend a Broken Web is a tale of courage and hope, with appeal for all ages.DSCN7871
The Web. The beautiful, though fragile, delicately woven Web of Life has been broken. Broken by people in high places, and by people who will not see. To the bottom of his heart, to the depths of his soul, twelve-year-old Caleb feels the pain and the suffering of a land he has grown to cherish. Although he would love to flee from this nightmare, he knows he must stay to speak, to act, for those who have no voice. With Caleb’s child-wisdom, tiny Tago’s guidance, and their combined strengths, the boy and the Forest Friend elder lead the way to a powerful solution.



Wild Things for the Soul Written & Illustrated by Maia Heissler

“Wild Things For The Soul” takes the random, unsculpted beauty of nature and makes it deep, personal, and extraordinarily meaningful when seen through the creative eyes of author Maia Heissler. More than a how-to, more than a collection of reflective essays and experiences, this book yields unique insights on the infinite ways nature can be a playground and a “soulground” for us all. It helps us celebrate, in natural ways, bonds with nature that only someone with true inner wisdom can offer.

Maril Crabtree, Author, Mission, KS Sacred Feathers: The Power of One Feather to Change Your Life and other anthologies


legend of the forest friends

“The Legend Of The Forest Friends” is a short (1300-word) account of the Forest Friend presence in North America. It begins at a time when the little people enjoyed a peaceful co-existence with plants and animals. The coming of “the giants” who called themselves “The People” made them wary initially, but it soon became apparent that the two races could live happily together. The problems began, however, when lighter-skinned giants who called themselves “Civilized” (and whom the Forest Friends soon referred to as “the Depleters”) appeared in the land.

The legend does end on a hopeful note:

“There are those among the Civilized Ones who are not Depleters, who also recognize the land as teacher, friend and provider, not as a thing to be ravaged or enslaved. They give hope that the Forest Friends will remain and come to thrive once more … and perhaps make themselves known, so to bring magic and simplicity back to what can once more be a wondrous place.”


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